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Why Book Your Wedding With Reece's?

Amazing Service

At every point of the wedding process our friendly and well-presented staff will go out of their way to ensure your day goes as smoothly as possible. From planning your wedding with our highly skilled sales team who will also give you guidance and advice on many other aspects of your wedding, to the day of the install where our delivery teams will make your creation a reality. We believe quality of service is the most important thing to make your wedding day stress free and enjoyable day.

The One-Stop-Shop Advantage

People often get the misconception that being a one-stop-shop makes us more expensive when in reality it is the opposite. Our sales team will give you fantastic discounts the more you hire from us. Combine in furniture, catering hire, lighting and audio equipment along with your marquee. You will you get up to %20 off all the items you hire including the marquee, and will also save from us combining all your transport fees. We often hear from people that used multiple suppliers how the transport fees they paid to all the separate suppliers ended up costing them a fortune. Being a one-stop-shop also means we have expertly trained staff in multiple fields who can help you overcome any issue. 

Guarentee of Delivery

Reece’s is the oldest marquee and wedding supply company in the state. We got this way through consistently  following through on our guarantee to delivery your wedding. Over the years we have heard some horror stories of peoples weddings being turned upside down by suppliers pulling out with as little as one weeks’ notice, due to overbooking. When you book with Reece’s this will never happen. Once you have confirmed your booking we will always deliver the goods you have requested. Many smaller companies may also overbook and then sub contract out the job to another supplier. This can create confusion on the day when a different company turns up to set up your wedding who may not have all the information they need. Reeces has six independent marquee installation teams meaning it will always be our staff overseeing your job and giving you peace of mind to focus the more important aspects of your wedding day.

Quality of Stock

At Reece’s we make all staff responsible for quality control of goods provided. As we often like to say to our staff look at every event as if it was your own. All our equipment is cleaned before every delivery and we are one of the only companies in Perth with a marquee fabric cleaning machine which was imported from Italy. Many companies will give their fabric a quick hand wash as the fabric is installed with us your fabric is cleaned and waxed by the machine before and after delivery.

24 Hour Emergency Call Out

Nothing in life if perfect and you never know what may pop up at the last minute. If you have booked an event with us and something goes wrong just ring our office number if there is no one there the after-hours message will give you a mobile number to call and we will work through the problem with you over the phone. If it can’t be fixed over the phone we will send someone out no matter the time of day. This is something very few suppliers will offer as a service.

Detailed Plans and 3d Drawing Options

Once you are happy with our initial quote if required, Reeces can help you by providing at no charge 2d scaled plan drawings of your wedding setup, this can be a tremendous help working out positioning of other items and where you will be seating people. If you want to go to the next level we can even for a small fee convert these into 3d drawings to help you better visualize the space.



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