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Marquee - South Perth Foreshore 25m White Silk Wedding Marquee


Occasionally you get the opportunity to be involved in a really big wedding. At Reece’s we love large scale events. This was in fact the third event for this family in a wedding that involved a ceremony in India, and two events in two other countries including this setup that we provided down at South Perth foreshore in Sir James Mitchell Park.

Using Zone 10 that has a beautiful unobstructed view of the city line and King’s Park we set up a huge 25m x 35m F-Series marquee.

It was finished with white silk lining and a mixture of large and deco chandeliers. We fenced off an outdoor space due to the fantastic warm summer night it was held on, creating an outdoor bar, lounge, and dance floor area. The centre piece being a white dance floor with monogramed initials of the bride and groom with truss and festoon lighting above it.

We even installed projectors in the roof to project onto screens attached to the gables of the marquee. This was used to loop photos from the ceremony in Indian.

Like the married couple we were thrilled with the results


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