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Marquee - Matilda Bay 15m Clear Wedding Marquee


Matilda Bay foreshore is a fantastic site for holding events. Its position on the river means it is often sheltered from the Freo Doctor and prevailing winds giving the bay good protection. There are 7 sites that can be booked through the Department of Parks and Wildlife. Matilda bay is a blank slate with nothing on the site when you begin except the amazing views of the river, kings park and city. This means your can really put your own individual mark on your event.

We recommend sites 1 - 5 as excellent options for a wedding with sites 6 & 7 normally used for other events due to their position behind sites 1 -5.

Site 3 can even fit our popular 15m x 25m Clear Marquee as seen in here. The marquee was finished off with festoon lighting and pendants and with rustic banquet tables and bentwood chairs.

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