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Shade Sails

Shade Sails - 10m x 10m, 15m x 15m, 15m x 30m

Shade Sails are and excellent way to provide a large amount of shade at an affordable price for your next event. They are the cheapest way to provide large amounts of shade for your quests or at events. You may have sat under one at the City of PerthLotterwest Skyshow in Lanley Park. Due to the design of shades sails and the low price there is no weighted option to do shade sails on a hard surface. All our shade sails must be spiked into a grass or dirt surface. The spikes and straps increase the footprint of the shade sail by about 2m on each side. Please note they are not waterproof if it rains it will provide some protection but water will still leak through.

For Shade Sail Hire Perth we stock:

10m x 10m available in cream and terracotta

15m x 15m available in blue, red, and terracotta

15m x 30m available in turquoise and blue with Australian flag


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