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Winter Wedding Ideas


Winter     Icon.png   2018

Okay so the Summer Wedding season is in full swing and you’re thinking about your upcoming wedding this Winter or perhaps you have decided on Winter 2019. After all our Winter days can provide some great opportunities to go to town on creating themed Weddings and introducing ideas not seen at a Summer event.
Remember we have some pretty beautiful blue sky days with temperatures in the low 20’s. Perfect to wear that full flowing gown all day without dying to get out of it and cool off.

Here are some ideas you might want to look at for your special day.

Neon Signs
Neon signs can add a uniquely individual touch. Neon can provide eye catching colours. Why not go custom with your new married name, your hashtag or Facebook page.



Two Groom Outfits​

Okay, so the girls get to have a second outfit so why not the boys. Why not look for a change of jacket or vest, or even a change of suit for the reception. Cool winter nights… what about velvet?

Iced Flowers or Sculpture​


Set the trend for your winter wedding this year with ice-cold frozen flower arrangements. You could even think about incorporating a show stopping ice sculpture to dress the cake table, or keep your champagne cool in frozen floral ice buckets    

Drip Cakes  ​

In keeping with a Winter theme is a wedding cake topped off with a drizzle of decadent icing. Tasting as sweet as it looks, it works on towering stacked confections, tiny cakes and flowers to top it off.

So Boho is in this Summer, but, it’s not restricted to Summer alone.

For many the thought of Bohemian is associated with casual or untidy but think again.  Whilst the Boho bride maybe carefree, the look can be elegant and stunning. Think flowing, romantic and free, and you’ve nailed the Boho look!

Bride 1.png  Bride 2.png

Utterly Engaged/ Dunebug Weddings

Printed Bridesmaid Dresses
Bride 3.jpg

photo by JOSEPH LIN

Why not make your bridesmaids stand out in eye catching prints. Opting for dark, moody florals will keep in with the Winter wedding look. Bold prints are making a comeback and the Winter stocks are already appearing in shop windows.

Hot Chocolate​

Come in out of the cold and spoil your guests with a warming Hot Chocolate. A favourite of everyone’s, you’ll be blown away by the number of people hanging about a Hot Chocolate station especially if you add some all-time favourites like candy canes, marshmallows, and whipped cream. Don’t forget to keep a bottle of Baileys (standard or peppermint) on hand for those that want theirs with a bit of a kick.​



Calligraphy can be for more than just an invite. Ever thought about dressing up the glassware with the names of your guests, to table numbers and messages on the mirrors.

With such a range of ideas the possibilities are endless. A lot of the accessories to the above wedding ideas can be sources from hire companies like Reece’s Event Hire. Taking your reception out doors and into Marquee allows more opportunity for the type of setting and styling you want. The friendly team at Reece’s Event Hire can help you with a raft of possibilities and products to help create a truly unique YOU wedding.

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