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Winter Warmers


July is the month of comfort, where we ditch salads for hearty foods. We bring out the thick blankets, tragic romance movies and forget about the sun for three months. So it is no surprise when thinking about July the thought of an outdoor party is a not something that spurs a rush of excitement to hosts and guests a like. If you let Reece’s Event Hire help you plan for the party it will be a roaring success.

Set the Scene

The setting of the party creates the ambiance and the wow factor when your guests arrive. Don’t rule out the Classic White Theme with whimsical lighting to enhance the mood. This type of setting inspires winter lights and cozy nights. It is crisp and sharp and always in fashion.


Keep your Guests covered

For the outdoor party that you never thought you would have in winter, hire a Marquee with an Outdoor Patio Heater to keep out those winter chills. Marquees and Heaters range in size from the small backyard garden variety to cater for ten people to the mega-scale to cater for the whole office block. Whatever the needs are there is an option for your event, but it will be up to you to provide the skewers and marshmallows for toasting! Don’t say we didn’t remind you.


Create the Atmosphere

What is a party without a sing-along? Create a Winter Warmer Playlist beforehand to make sure you set fire to the rain. Think about the audio set up as it needs to be sufficient for the size of the venue and the atmosphere you want to create. Is it going to be a dance off party night or some light mood music in the background? Either occasion Reece’s Event Hire can supply what you need.


Unique Gift Idea

How many times have you been out and thought if only I had a blanket I would stay a little longer? Take the opportunity to get some printed to mark the celebration and your guests will also have an elegant take home gift to remember the night by.


Add to your Menu

The winter months mean you cannot go to an event without a mulled wine. Whip up a simple but delicious version to warm up your guests. A quick search will pull up many variations on the traditional recipes and even have the non-alcoholic variations for the drivers in the group.  

As for the food menu, are you the one that doesn’t like olives, but your guests will? A simple meal yet hearty winter meal like the jacket potato can be turned into a gourmet creation by letting your guests DIY with a buffet of toppings to choose from.


The size of the event is up to you. It might be on the vibrant Perth foreshore, or in your own home but be sure to know that Reece’s Event Hire, can assist in making it one your guests won’t forget. With packages available to suit all budgets, call or email today to see how the Reece’s team can help you.

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