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What's In Fashion For 2018

Driven by the volumes of information available at our fingertips, fashions and trends no longer have long shelf lives. As soon as a new fashion trend appears, we see it adopted, adapted and abandoned, only to be replaced by the next trend appearing on social media. Constant reinvention and our desire to be different sees our social media channels inundated with images of people looking to promote the next “New”.

Whilst most people today recognise social media is responsible for aiding the fast shift in trends it has been the fashion industry who can boast they have long been the pioneers of affecting how we see ourselves. They’ve been pushing the boundaries for well over 100 years, well before the first handheld mobile device (as we know it) was ever invented.  Fashion designers have always been the pioneers of change, having a direct impact on who we are today. 

Each year thousands of couples begin planning their wedding. We’ve literally talked to hundreds of couples over the years and there is a common thread that has run through them all. They want their wedding to be unique and more memorable than one they may have previously attended.

So where are we today?

Well, the latest collection of wedding dress designs for Spring 2018 have rolled across the catwalks and there have been some quite interesting “fashion-forward” ideas.

The next season boasts some spectacular RTW trends including bridal chokers, capes, capelets, and coverups with a noticeable Victorian influence.

That’s right… a Victorian influence. What we are seeing as new, is in fact inspiration drawn from our history and the 2018 season has adapted an array of fashion ideas from the late 1800’s.

Fashion houses like Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Lela Rose and others have shown off an array of inventive creations incorporating a selection of Victorian concepts that invoke scenes from a romantic era.


Image Source:  Lela Rose


An oversized bow brings a delicate enhancement to the simplest of designs.


Image Source: Carolina Herrera


Capes of varying styles and shapes will afford some protection from a brisk Spring breeze.


Image Source: Vera Wang


High necks and chokers are in for 2018 with an array of options from the simple ribbon choker, a wrap of pearls and elaborate high necklines.


Edward James/

Wedding dress by Mira Zwillinger



Image Source: Lela Rose


The Spring 2018 style arrives on the back of another trend that has seen more and more couples looking to step out of the traditional hotel/ballroom style receptions, instead opting to hold their reception at a location that has more character, more meaning, and allows them the freedom of design.

With a return to the Victorian era, couples are opting for receptions that have a truly old-world appeal.

Long tables with Bentwood Oak chairs, chandeliers and festoon lighting all go toward creating a wedding from a bygone era.  Whilst some of our couples are electing for the delicate silk effect, others are opting for our clear fabric marquees which take advantage of the surroundings they occupy.

The 2018 wedding fashion styles coupled with old world reception themes will be the agenda for many, next year.

In our experience, this trend will be here for at least the next two years, and so we’ve made sure we have plenty of stock, coupled with a highly experienced team, to help guide those looking to create that Victorian experience.



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