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What makes for a great Expo

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Expos are one of the largest and multi-faceted events that you can plan – understandably, then, it can be one of the most complicated. There are a million boxes to tick, people to organise and vendors to coordinate. Being a trusted partner for events planning for over 100 years, we have developed the requisite planning and problem-solving skills to make any event run smoothly. When we organise expos, virtually all of our professional event services – marquees, audio and visuals, furniture, etc – come together to create your ideal atmosphere and make one hell of an event.


Firstly, figure out where your ideal expo is held. This could be in a double-decker marquee or a dome tent – our range of structures provides you with the ability to be a bit creative and unique. Whether you want it held outdoors, indoors, or with a classic or artistic style, we have an array of options that can accommodate your vision.

Our marquees come in a range of styles that allow you to add a personal touch to your event. Because of this, our services are pretty modifiable – with sizing, style, flooring and the option of custom-made covers, you’re able to really make your event, well, yours.

For a number of our marquees, Reece’s is the only event-hire company that offers that specific style – for the full list of what’s on offer on our website.

Audio & Visuals

The standard of audio and visuals at your expo can be what turns it from an underwhelming event to a sensational affair. At Reece’s, we ensure our wide range of audio and visual equipment is of the highest-grade technology available. This allows you the flexibility to be creative with your expo: pair your innovative imagination with our extensive supply of professional technology for a visually and audibly electrifying event.  

To explore our full selection of audio and visual equipment, check them out here.

Customise It

One awesome thing that Reece’s allows you to do is that you are able to add a personal touch to your event. For many of our professional services, such as our marquees, you can custom-design certain elements to tailor it to your specific brand. Basically, in terms of finishing style, our services are very adaptable.


I know, I know – your expo is finally done and dusted and you’re ready to head home and immerse yourself in Netflix and a couple glasses/bottles of wine. While this step is totally optional, it’s undeniable that it is always a good idea to leave things on a positive note with those you’ve worked with. Showing your appreciation to those involved, whether that’s through a gift or an appreciation event on the final day, will ensure that everyone who has worked with you will leave with a beaming impression of you and your events.

(As for us, we like chocolate. Lots of it.)

The Bottom Line

As one of Australia’s oldest and most experienced events companies, we are able to take on the organisational and problem-solving requirements of a successful expo. Our ample options for lighting, audio and visuals, flooring and so forth, enables you to create a unique and personal look for your brand. We want to make your vision a reality, while giving you the space to make it your own. (We are 100% not just doing this for the possibility of chocolate)


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