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Turn on the lights!

Lighting is key to event success, but is often an area that people find difficult to get right and will ultimately overlook. Lighting creates atmosphere and gives you the professional edge that events can lack. If the lights are too bright, it can make things a little cold and impersonal. If your lights are too dark, your guests may find it hard to move around and comfortably enjoy your event. There are also different things to consider for both indoor and outdoor functions.

Lighting can be the difference between an average event and an extraordinary one, and really is a fundamental part of event planning. So, if you’re thinking about your next event, allow us to enlighten you with some tips to consider!


Make a plan

Think about where you want to put your key lighting points. This should include the parts of the venue that are most important and where the action is taking place. Be aware of rules the venue may have in place in terms of fixing equipment to walls or ceilings, and always ensure your lights and cables are placed in a sensible safe position. If you’re filming the event, it’s important to liaise with your film crew to understand their lighting needs. There’s nothing worse than going to the expense of having a professional video made but the quality has been impacted by bad light!

Naughton Tana The Room01.JPG

The Stage

The key focus of any event is undoubtedly the stage, or head table, and thus requires careful planning. If using a stage, make sure that it’s lit in a colour that doesn’t detract from any presentations. However, bear in mind that the audience lighting mustn’t be too dark to allow them to take notes. A head table could benefit from spot lighting, chandeliers or other feature lights to make it clear to guests that it’s the focal point of your event.

Up lighting and lighting effects

Up lights can be used to highlight specific features of your event and are generally battery powered, eliminating electrical hazard issues. You can also create instant effect with ‘Gobos’, an on-trend lighting feature that projects light patterns and are guaranteed to be a real talking point among your guests. Gobos look amazing in marquees, are cost-effective and come in a huge range of patterns to really set your event apart.

Using coloured lights can also add to the ambience of your event and create a sense of difference. You can even link music to your lighting so that it changes colour. Now that wouldn’t that make your function a memorable one?

Festoon lighting

If your event is outdoor, festoon lighting will enhance your theme and have a much more professional look than fairy lights – all while adding a touch of fun and theatre to your function. You can hang them between trees or other features, and use them to highlight the range of wonderful dishes prepared for your guests. The versatility of these string lights means they can be placed outdoors and indoors in any pattern imaginable. Ideas are limitless when it comes to what can be done with our festoon lighting.

Overall, when thinking about lighting for your event there are lots of factors to be aware of: the options available, the type of event you’re planning, your budget and what it is you’re trying to achieve.


If you’d like more direction on how your event can look truly incredible, have a chat with the highly experienced AV team at Reeces. We have over a hundred years’ experience in creating beautiful backdrops and outdoor settings that will make your special day perfect. Call us on 9378 4711.


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