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Top tips to supersize your summer event!

One great way to put the winter blues to one side is to think ahead to the warmer months. And with spring just around the corner, now’s the time to pop your planning hat on and start to action that ‘to do list’ for your upcoming summer event.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together our top three tips for creating an occasion that will be on-trend and memorable – all while taking into account Western Australia’s summer season which can be, let’s face it, more than a little warm during the day but absolutely perfect at night!

8m_x_12m_South_Perth_YC_46 USE.jpg        

A Reece's Hire marquee looking stunning at South Perth Yacht Club.

Tip 1 – The key to a great event is… your marquee! 

It might sound obvious, but the marquee you choose to hire can really make or break your event. With so many factors in play including the date and time of your event, the number of guests and your event location, it’s critical to choose a marquee that is the right size and type. 

 A few considerations:

  • When is your event?

​​Is your event before Christmas or over the warmer January and February months? If December, chances are the weather will be mid-high twenties which makes for a perfect day event – but it might get a little chilly at night. It could also be on the rainy side. To ensure you’re protected no matter what, consider an option with walls that have the flexibility to be opened or closed.

Looking at January or February? Why not bring the outside inside with a Bedouin stretch tent or a shade sail! These options will ensure your guests are protected from the hot summer sun but can freely wander in and out to enjoy the balmy evening.

  • How many guests?

This question is key, as the size of your event will determine the type, scale and number of marquees required. If you’re running a festival or larger-scale event, encourage roaming with a cluster of smaller marquees placed in close proximity. You could also create interest by interspersing your marquees with outdoor seating, protected by large garden umbrellas for a relaxed vibe.

Also consider whether you have too much or too little shade. An event with a marquee that is too big for your guests will spoil the atmosphere, but too little shade - especially in summer - can be dangerous and will undoubtedly leave a negative impression. If you’re not sure what the right balance is, a Reece’s consultant can help!

  • Where is your event?

If your function is at an expansive outdoor venue, you probably have the luxury to set up a large-scale marquee or a number of smaller options. But if you’re hosting your event on a small site, or even at a person’s home or office location, you will likely be restricted on how large you can go. Also think about power options and access – while the perfect venue might be at a secluded river site, you may have to bring in generators and facilities to match your requirements.

Still unsure what type of marquee or shade you need? Take a look at our Marquees page and be inspired by how some of our clients have brought their events to life.

​  photo1.jpg    15m_x_30m_Perth_Wirtiers_Festival4.JPG

We offer a number of shade options to perfectly suit any event type.

Tip 2 – Create a memorable summer ambience.

Summer is all about carefree fun and relaxation. So why not bring a summer vibe to your event and give your guests the perfect day or night out!

  • Clever catering options

If you’re in control of the menu, have some fun and incorporate a summer twist into your food and beverage options! Discuss with your catering company a signature cocktail or add a taste of the Amalfi Coast with an on-trend Aperol Spritz.

Think about the type of food you’ll be providing. Seafood is a fantastic choice for summer, so why not consider an oyster bar? You also can’t go past a gourmet BBQ or burger stand, and a gelato truck… yum!

  • Music to set the mood

You don’t need to recreate an Ibiza nightclub, but it’s definitely worthwhile investing in a DJ who can read the room and knows what type of music will create the perfect summer vibe. Or, if you think your taste is pretty up to scratch, hire one of Reece’s AV packages, start your Spotify playlist and away you go!

  • Stylish decor

If your event is a sit-down lunch or dinner, avoid heavy colours and go with fresh, white linen, exposed timber, splashes of greenery and light tones when choosing tables and chairs. Also consider:

  • Glassware and bar accessories to match the menu – think punchbowls, cocktail glasses, flutes, beer glasses and plenty of water jugs.
  • Lighting – outdoor lanterns and festoon string lights will really enhance the atmosphere and set the scene for a truly unforgettable occasion.

1e67da0943d2af74fa72a1dde0e354c6.jpg    Festoon_at_Bishop_Lamonts_Banner.jpg

Casual seating and festoon lighting can turn your event into something truly memorable.

Tip 3 – Seating, seating… and more seating.

There’s nothing worse than attending an event and discovering a severe lack of seating options. And when it’s hot, it’s even more important to provide your guests with a place to sit and respite from the oppressive weather.

To help your guests relax into your event and to be as comfortable as possible, consider designated casual seating zones or bar tables with stools peppered around. Think lounge chairs, pallet furniture and couches - perfect for chilling out which is exactly what we all love to do on a summer’s day or night!

A few of our favourite furniture options for summer are:

Lounge suit.jpgTolix orange.jpgPallet.jpgWalnut chair.jpg

   Florence Modular Wicker Setting Sand.                            Tolix Bar Stool                      Half Pallet Bench.                                     Cross Back Beach Walnut Chair.

What are you waiting for? Get planning!

There are so many other pointers we can share for summer event planning, but the main thing to focus on is the reason why you’re holding a summer event in the first place. We’re pretty confident it’s because of the weather and what is typically a relaxed time of year, so with that in mind don’t forget to:

  • Provide plenty of shade - but bring the outdoors indoors too.
  • Treat your guests with a summery menu and fresh decor that will delight.
  • Take the party outside at night and hire lighting to set the mood.

And most of all… have fun!

Planning summer events is one of the Reece’s team’s favourite things to do – ever. We have over one hundred years’ experience… and that’s a lot of Perth summers! To discover how we can create an occasion that will be truly memorable, have a chat with us today on 9378 4711.

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