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Tips on planning your event

So, summer is here again, and the good weather might be making you consider an outdoor event? What does it take to have a successful event so that everyone goes home happy and talking about how great it was? The key is planning and here are some things to consider.

·         Goals, objectives, target audience

·         Budget

·         Location, theme, and branding 

·         Manage the detail 

Event management can be a complex, time-consuming, frustrating and stressful job but it also has great rewards when the event goes well. 

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Goals, objectives, target audience

Events are a lot of work, so you need to ask yourself why are you doing it? It helps if you can create clear quantifiable goals and these goals will also drive the budget, how you measure the results and the profile of the people you want to attend.

In terms of your audience. Who are they? Employees, customers, partners. Why are they invited? What sort of people are they - age, gender, job role?


What ROI do you want out of the event: increase in business, new customer acquisition, increase in performance/productivity, networking or is it just a thank you with no strings attached! All possible expenses, incomes and sponsors
Planning for contingencies in the budget and in your preparation will ensure that you have no nasty surprises along the way. A small simple gathering that goes well is often more impressive than party thrown to thousands that flops.

Location, theme, and branding

Selecting the right destination and the right venue is key to ensure that your audience is excited by the event and can travel there as hassle-free as possible. Set a time for the event and make sure you give yourself enough time to plan. You need to choose a compelling theme or brand that sets your event apart. You can brainstorm names, create a tagline and even design a logo which could be used on t-shirts, bags etc.


Manage the detail

Create a detailed master plan covering all aspects of your event. Preparing a minute by minute schedule of the event early on is good practice. The schedule will evolve during the planning period and it will help guide you through all the areas you need to consider.

Attention to detail is certainly the top agenda point for any successful event. There are so many elements to think about. So it helps if it can be a team effort where each person has clear responsibilities for things like venue, speakers, publicity etc. Gather team members with different skill sets to help you manage the diverse preparations.

* Venue: what do I need – once you have your master plan in place get the advice of an event hire specialist – their knowledge and experience can help you deliver on your event requirements
* Our audience: how do we communicate, what do we want to tell them 
* Publicity: how are we going to attract people to the event 
* Catering: how do they eat, what time, dietary requests (vegan gluten free etc!)
* Theming/entertainment: how do we keep them entertained and well looked after
* H&S / Risk assessment: a duty of care and how to make sure they have a safe and happy time
* Make sure you have 'bad weather' options for any event that you are planning outdoors

If you are planning a summer event, then talk to us at Reeces. We have over a hundred years of experience in creating beautiful backdrops and outdoor settings to make your special day perfect. Call us at 9378 4711.

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