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Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung and you’ve FINALLY got the proposal you’ve been waiting for.

Now to plan your big day.


You’ve always dreamt of a Marquee – a beautiful, elegant, romantic space or maybe something a bit rustic.

As more and more couples choose the great outdoors for their weddings  the demand to be different pushes wedding planners to the max.

20170421-Rushil-Priyal-Wed-Prev-135 (1).jpg

Couples are no longer satisfied to settle for a simple ceremony on grass with a pretty backdrop followed by reception at a hotel.

We’ve all been to those weddings in enormous, sparsely furnished rooms - at a local function centre.

Everyone seems disconnected and it’s decorated in some kind of dated colour scheme.

There isn’t a lot that can fix that, it’s not what you aspire to – you know you can do better.


Perth continues to expand with new estates sprawling north and south of the river.

Many have been created with some very impressive parks, gardens and water features.

The desire by photographers and couples to find new sites as photographic backdrops is seeing them employ these locations for their ceremonies. Some councils will even let you have your reception in areas of public space (check with your council first).   


So. You have your location.

The next step is to create a setting that works in the theme of your wedding.

 Just because its outdoors does not mean that style and elegance are to be abandoned.

A simple table covered in a white table cloth will not suffice!!!

The setting has to be right, and companies like Reeces can help.


Some things you’ll need to consider are: the weather, the light, any prevailing winds, background noise, wildlife and traffic noise.

People will need to be seated. This ensures less distraction and saves people having to climb on shoulders to see the happy couple. Sound does not travel too well through a crowd but over it, so being seated means everyone should hear the ceremony and provides them the opportunity to take photos.

It is not uncommon for couples to chase after photographs of their ceremony from those who attended. Remember not everyone can stand for a long time and with an arrangement of chairs and a red carpet, the bride can make her desired entrance.


Your entry will be the focal point, and so the right seating arrangement will ensure everyone gets a good look at the wedding party.

But Spring can be unpredictable. So, if you are planning an outdoor wedding, make sure you check out the long-range weather forecast and have a backup plan.

If the weather is looking unpredictable you can still have the ceremony at your desired location but under an open sided marquee.  

Spring also brings some sudden increases in temperature. In the last five years in Perth we have seen some early spring days reach into the high thirties.

An open sided marquee set up in the right location provides a safe backup should it be required.


If you are planning a spring wedding, then talk to us at Reeces. We have over a hundred years of experience in creating beautiful backdrops and outdoor settings to make your special day perfect. Call us on 9378 4711.

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