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Festoon Lighting

There’s nothing more memorable than an event that combines the outdoors with modern functionalities. From French shabby chic finish to edgy modern vibes, nothing beats the effect from festoon lighting of setting the ambience.

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The versatility of these string lights means they can be placed outdoors and indoors in any pattern imaginable. Ideas are limitless when it comes to what can be done with our festoon lighting.

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Reece’s festoon lighting hire includes a highly-experienced AV department and installation team to bring life to your event at night. From simple classic clear bulb to vintage bulbs, to customized creations, we’ve got it all!

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Our price is highly competitive and Reece’s are proud to be a one stop shop so please speak to us today about package discounts when getting us to provide your marquees, lightings and furniture for your event or wedding.

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Check out Reece's wide range of Festoon Lightings or call us for an enquiry today (08) 9378 4711

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