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Rustic Wedding Must Haves!

If you’re planning or is thinking about a rustic wedding then you’re at the right place!

With over 103 years of history at Reece’s, we’ve created countless dream weddings for brides (and grooms) with their personalities and preference in mind.

In recent years, we’ve found that rustic themed wedding has become highly sought after which brought us to this blog – we want to give you a few “must haves” for your very own, one-of-a-kind rustic wedding.

Clear Fabric Marquee

Stunning clear fabric marquee means that you’re bringing in the outdoors with an intimate indoor setting. The day and night will give completely different vibes to your big day and is sure to impress.

To take it to the next level, we also have glass hard walls which can be incorporated for those who want the ultimate stylish high end finishing.

Did you know? Reece’s are the only supplier in Perth to have the option to have clear fabric in a larger 15m gable span marquee.

10m x 24m Clear Mornington Springs.jpg

Integrated Wooden Floors

When it comes to a rustic themed wedding, wooden flooring is a MUST. Incorporating these integrated wooden floors with the Clear Marquee will surely elevate your big day to the next level!



Rustic weddings are all about the intricate details. Guests will be blown away by all the finishing touches such as festoon lighting that will light up the special occasion at night fall.

Here are some of our most popular lighting which can bring the whole event together:

1d72232f20bbfd2d48f4c714eed80e08.jpg                         b4d68bec85b8187f083be22c1a411045.JPG                            caf7a2a8e92efea24458a6410865494f.jpgTables & Chairs

What makes a rustic wedding is perhaps the furniture of the venue. Taking up floor space, it completes the rustic vibe. Reece’s range of event furniture never fails to impress.

Check out our bentwood chairs that never goes out of fashion! It has the perfect look and feel to complete a rustic wedding.

54ef2e5684d22ac281b4de5ce4c6c93f.jpg                   d924aa575e361019916e9666fe047967.jpg            ed8047c045608d07cca2141f1acbd191.jpg


Step away from the cookie cutter "big white wedding" and start planning your rustic themed wedding with Reeces now!  Call us today to speak to an experienced consultant (08) 9378 4711

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