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Planning Furniture for an Event?


At Reece’s Event Hire we have been creating events for our clients since 1914. From this we’ve enjoyed gaining a wealth of experience, and one question we often get asked about is what furniture to select. Choosing the right furniture can really make or break your event. 

You should have a general idea of an event, whether it's a dress-up party or a black-tie occasion, so the next step is to choose the right furniture pieces to bring this to life. 

The real key to successfully choosing furniture is making sure it uses the space effectively while remaining visually engaging. Choose your decor thoughtfully to ensure that everything is going to flow cohesively when it all comes together on the day.


How much furniture do you need to book?

Unless you are having a sit-down meal, you won’t need a seat for everyone as people will socialise and mingle. However also ensure there are enough comfortable and practical seating options to make sure your guests have a place to sit down, relax and take a breath during the event. 
Some points to keep in mind 

Guest Profile – if your guest list is a bit older you will need more chairs. A younger guest profile on the other hand will probably need less chairs.

Space - Think about the size of your venue and tailor your furniture requirements accordingly. Smaller venues will require less furniture where for larger venues you will need to fill the empty spaces. Furniture can be used to transform the venue and bring your theme to life. 

Chairs1.jpg      Chairs2.jpg


Not only is it important to have sufficient seating indoors, but depending on the time of year, location or event, you may also require outdoor seating as well.


What style of furniture is best?

Should you include lounging areas, or high bars and stools, or low tables and chairs? 
You should look at the various options available to fit your venue, the type of style you are trying to create and what fits your guest needs.

A selection of different pieces of varying heights, shapes and sizes can help break up the space and appeal to different guest requirements. 
Stick to a colour palette that fits with your decor so that even with a selection of different furniture styles, the overall look is still going to create a consistent flow.

Can’t beat a plan!

At the end of the day proper planning is key and the devil is in the detail. Drawing rough sketches can help to give you an idea of how all of your furnishings will look together. You will also be able to see where more pieces can be added and based on the activities you’ve planned, you may require an additional chair and table rental.

Creating a checklist can help you decide where you might need more seating.
The friendly team at Reece’s Event Hire is happy to also do up a plan, and can help you work through the options advising about their various furniture packages.

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