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Maximise your event presence with Reece’s customised print solutions.


As Perth’s leading events management company, Reece’s Event Hire is proud to offer corporate clients customised signage solutions that will give your brand the competitive edge at your next exhibition or field day. From your marquee’s external walls through to entry and internal signage, our branding experts will work with your marketing team to develop an effective, fully integrated visitor journey that will reflect your brand’s look and feel and deliver on your marketing objectives.

With our expert branding advice and experience in managing large-scale corporate events, Reece’s Event Hire can provide you with:

  • Custom Printed Gables and Fabric Walls

Advertise your presence and create the right impact with our customised printed gables and fabric walls. Branding the external real estate of your tent not only alerts attendees to the location of your exhibit, it also provides an opportunity to expose your brand to new audiences as pedestrians flow through the event area.

Picture2.png  Picture3.png

  • Custom Printed Hard Walling

Reece’s Event Hire owns Western Australia’s largest stock of hard walling and glass walling solutions which are fully integrated with our marquees and scaffold solutions. Made up of individual panels, our customised printed hard walling can be reused in different sized marquees – an efficient way to maximise your marketing spend and ensure your brand adopts a consistent look and feel at other events. Customised hard walling will create a truly professional corporate image and has the ability to be used both internally and externally.

Picture4.png  Picture5.png


  • Custom Printed Banners

Our custom printed banners provide a fantastic opportunity to externally brand your marquee. Reece’s Event Hire can work with you on the most effective way to promote the key messages you want communicated at the event. The flexibility of our custom banners allows your creative to be as large or as small as you’d like; we’re happy to provide guidance on what information can work best in this format.


Being present at a corporate exhibition or field day is likely to be a critical component of your marketing plan, with a large portion of your budget set aside for both attendance and branding. With that in mind, it’s critical that to ensure your brand is presented in the best way possible – particularly if a key attendance objective is to drive sales – you engage a supplier with extensive experience in both branding and large scale events. So why not give Reece’s Event Hire a call to discuss your events calendar? We are the most commonly used infrastructure supply company in Perth for large scale events, and we welcome the opportunity to have an obligation-free chat with you to discuss your needs.


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