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Marquees: getting it right

Marquees mean a lot to the Reece’s team. In fact, we know more than just a thing or two about them because we have been doing it since 1914, and are proud to be the largest marquee supplier in Western Australia.

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Selecting the right marquee for your event is not as simple as you might think. There are many factors to consider, and plenty of guys out there offering cheap and seemingly reliable options. But while the more affordable companies may seem tempting, it’s important not to rush into hiring your marquee without considering a variety of factors – all critical in ensuring your event is as memorable as possible.

We want your event to be a successful one, so the Reece’s Event Hire team have put together a few points to consider when researching marquees.

Deciding what you want – and what you need. 

OK - so you’ve made the decision that you want a marquee for your event, which is great. Before you get started with your research, you’ll need a clear idea of your budget in order to narrow in on your options and keep you from wasting your time with hiring companies that fall outside your price range.

In addition to your budget, there are three factors to consider that will influence your marquee hire:

1)      Event size

2)      The marquee type you need

3)      Additional trimmings that you require

1.      Event size

The first thing you should consider is how many guests are going to attend your event, or at least a close estimate. You can’t have people crammed in with no space to breathe - that’s  no fun for anyone, and probably a little unsafe! Alternatively, having an empty marquee the size of a football field will spoil the atmosphere no end. So it’s important you know as early as possible an indication of guest numbers to help your hire company match the perfect sized marquee to your occasion.

2.      Marquee type

So now your head is starting to spin – there are so many marquees to choose from! Clear fabric marquees, double decker options, dome tents, stretch tents… choosing a marquee is exciting but can be overwhelming. So it’s important that you choose a marquee hire company that cares about your event as much as you do, and really knows what they’re talking about. 

Selecting a marquee purely on price alone can leave you with a result that isn’t entirely perfect. Going for the cheapest option can mean your event looks cheap and tacky, making your event unforgettable for the wrong reasons. You may end up with a marquee that is poor in quality – it could be easily destroyed, on its last legs or looks dirty from the get go. With so much to plan for your event – not just marquee hire – do you really want to waste time shopping around and running the risk of hiring an inferior product that could ruin your event? Let’s be honest with ourselves, no one wants that!

As the largest marquee supply company in Western Australia, and with the most experienced event hire staff, Reece’s Event Hire really are the experts at helping people find the right type of marquee that will be both excellent in quality, function - and price.

3.      Additional trimmings

Choosing a marquee is a big decision but it shouldn't be decided upon in isolation. You should be crystal clear on the type of function you are hiring for, as the trimmings and extras you need will have a lot to do with which marquee you choose.

Marquees can be hired independently, or you can hire a package from an event hire company that includes other event essentials including food and furniture. Businesses who hire out marquees are experts in what they do but they can’t read your mind when it comes to envisioning the occasion. A wedding with 300 guests? Well, it goes without saying that you will need a dance floor with plenty of space for the drunken relatives to boogie the night away! You will also need a large supply of tables and chairs for guests while they stuff their faces with wedding cake, and perhaps a few comfy lounge chairs and a chill out area for when the wee hours of the morning are creeping up.

Giving your event hire company a clear idea of the vision you have for your event will allow them to assist with helping you make the right decision.

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And one final tip… maximise your budget with a one-stop-shop!

Did we mention that Reece’s Event Hire is a company that can do it all?

One big advantage of Reece’s being a solutions-based events management company is that by combining our multiple services, our sales team can offer you an awesome discount which will surely help you stay within budget. And that means more money to spend on other things to make your event as amazing as possible… like that designer outfit you’ve had your eye on, a pamper session at the salon beforehand or a maybe even a special cocktail tailored to your event?

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