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How to Organise Your Big Day

Ahh, The Big Day. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and realising who your real friends are from those who you just keep in light contact with for politeness, when you realise you don’t really want them at your wedding.

At Reece’s we REALLY like weddings, so in order to get invited to more we became a one-stop shop for wedding services. We know weddings are one of the most demanding events that one can organise – so, we’ve put together a simple step-by-step on how to plan yours.




Firstly: decide on a budget

Budget-planning should be your first step, so you know what you’re working with and avoid over-spending. Before you think about anything else, sit down with your other half and hash out how much you can/are willing to splurge on The Big Day. An important piece of advice is: be realistic. If you have $3,000 in savings and you plan a $30,000 event, will you realistically be able to save that up by your wedding date?

If so; excellent, fabuluso, grande. If not, have no fear. Weddings can be super expensive - so, for those of us who aren’t keen to face poverty after tying the knot, there are a lot of inexpensive options to make sure your Big Day is as amazing as you always pictured it.

One advantage of Reece’s being a one-stop shop for your event needs is that by combining our multiple services, our sales team can offer you an awesome discount which will surely help you stay within budget.


Now this is where you can get creative and personal. The style you choose is going to influence every aspect of your wedding – the food, the music, the scenery, and so on – so it’s good to decide on this early on.

Luckily in Australia, we’ve got glorious landscapes that can accommodate every style one can wish for. We’ve got vineyards and farms for a rustic style, beautiful beaches for a more relaxed vibe, and top-tier city buildings for those seeking something a bit more glamorous and black-tie.

Even without this fantastic array of structures at our fingertips, Reece’s can create your perfectly-styled wedding with our extensive collection of marquees, decorative lighting, furniture and heaps more, which we are pretty great at putting together to perfectly fit your theme.

For some wedding inspo, check out our wedding case studies.


Spencers Brook Tavern Festooning (edit).jpg



When it comes to venue, there’s a lot to think about. The venue you choose is going to tie in with the style/theme you’ve planned. Will it be indoors? Outdoors? Is it going to be traditional with a church service? Or will you add a personal touch and have it at your family home?

There are so many other aspects to consider other than the style you want – can it fit all the guests? Will it accommodate the weather, and any last-minute weather changes? Again, your venue options will hinge on your chosen theme, but these are imperative questions to think about, regardless of the theme.  


Finally, the reason your guests even RSVP’d: the food.

Our top tip for creating the menu is: keep your individual guests in mind. It’s awesome to be as accommodating as possible, so seriously consider having vegan, vegetarian, Halal, and other dietary requirements in mind when making the menu.

But the food isn’t the only thing you have to consider. You also have to think about cutlery and crockery, bar services, and so on.

Reece’s offers an extensive range of catering services, which includes: bar equipment, table setting packages, crockery and cutlery, glassware, and tons of requisite catering equipment. For these services, we offer an array of styles so we can accommodate any wedding theme. To explore our catering services in full, you can go here.

Finally: stay within budget

I know all this wedding talk must have you frothing at the mouth with ideas but rein it in and try to stay within your budget.

Now that you’re getting a start on how to organise your wedding, check this out to explore our full capabilities for servicing your wedding.  


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