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High School Ball – Getting the right venue

Now is the time to start looking at next years school ball.

Every year high schools all over Australia plan a ball. It is an important social occasion on the school calendar as everyone wears their best clothes and enjoys a night of music, dancing and ‘a sit down’ dinner. It’s one of the best experiences for students and for most it is often their first experience of a formal dinner party and one they will remember for the rest of their lives. There is excitement organizing special clothes and planning the details with friends and family and of course, inviting a partner.


So it is important to get the right venue. Most schools now look to hotels or hiring an external venue which can work out to be expensive while other schools look to use their own gymnasiums or auditoriums which can feel a bit cheap or remind you too much of school.



When considering a venue you also need to ensure it can provide many of the amenities that are needed such as flower arrangements, music, entertainment, table settings, a photographer, etc. as this is what will make or break the evening.

But most importantly you need to create an atmosphere and theme for the school ball that will live in everyone’s memory. So as most school balls now take place at the end of summer, when it is still warm and sunny why not consider using a marquee for the event?


This will really create something that is unique and also provide you with the opportunity to naturally create your own theme. As there is a lot of versatility in terms of size and layout of a variety of marquees, you can accommodate your guest numbers comfortably as well as creating a layout that suits the activities you want to run on the night.


A good marquee company also provides all of your needs in terms of decorations, tables, centerpieces etc. and they will advise you on design and what works best for your event based on their experience. This really adds value to your theme. You can have the event on the school grounds without feeling that you are in school or maybe talk to your local council and see if you can set up the marquee in a local park. You can also choose a location that is not too far from people’s homes so that is easy to get to and find parking.

So, when thinking about your venue options for the next school ball, consider something different like a marquee to make your event a memorable one.


If you are planning a high school ball, then feel free to talk to us at Reeces and see what value we can add. We have over a hundred years of experience in creating beautiful backdrops and outdoor settings to create a stunning and unique look. Call us on 9378 4711.

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