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Dome Tents

Tents. When you think of tents you think of camping, family bonding, the great outdoors and the regretful lack of technology that you initially thought would be grounding and mind-clarifying, but just turned out to be a bit boring. Also, mozzie bites.

A Dome Tent, however, is an innovative style of architecture tailored for big events and built to impress. Its modern style, spaciousness and resilience against weather makes it an ideal candidate for your next big event.  


What Is This Thing?

This futuristic structure is a modern layout of tent – not intended for the annual family vacation, but rather social and corporate events wishing to incorporate something unique to wow guests with. Also known as a ‘geodesic dome’, its hemispherical architecture of triangular elements makes it a strong, stable superstar against the weather-weapons of Zeus and Aeolus (the Greek god of wind), while retaining a very fashionable exterior.



Size Matters

The large internal space of our Dome Tents makes them ideal for a variety of occasions, including social networking events and corporate launches. We offer a 12 metre Dome Tent with 113sq m of floor space and an awesome 6 metre height at its central point.  At standing capacity, it can comfortably fit up to 160 people and 90-100 when seated.



Warrior Against Weather

Planning an event is stressful enough without having to accommodate for any weather-related surprises. Luckily, our Dome Tents are built with the temperamental nature of our weather gods kept in mind.

Being able to withstand winds up to 120km/h, the Dome Tent takes away the weather problem so you can be left with more room for making your event awesome (take that, Aeolus!)

Basically, you could either complete 5 hours of reverse rain-dancing or you could just use a Dome Tent. Whatever works.



Making It Personal

Luckily, we’ve designed our domes in a way which lets you have a some fun customising the dome you want. The roof of the dome is a single piece of fabric which we can custom-make to suit your brand. It’s also flexible in terms of environment – it can be installed indoors for conventions, as well as outdoors atop grass and concrete. Our domes are also very adaptable in terms of finishing style.

Deck it with some fairy lights and groovy furniture and you’ve got an insta-worthy space for your next event.


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