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Create the perfect summer wedding.

If your wedding is planned for the upcoming summer season, or if you’re considering holding your special day during the warmer months but haven’t quite figured out when, there’s so many options that can turn your happy day into a truly memorable occasion for you and your guests.

The team at Reece’s Event Hire love nothing more than to help happy couples with their wedding planning and given our experience with events in Perth, we like to think we know more than most when it comes to celebrations held during the hotter months.

So, we’ve compiled a few ‘hot’ tips that we think could turn your special day into something magical!

Tip #1 – Plan for four seasons in one day

While we’re confident it’s going to be warm, we can’t guarantee that it will be dry on your special day - or a temperature that’s comfortable. If you’re planning an outdoor celebration, it’s critical to look at how much shade you have and how much exposure to the elements you and your guests will have.

Consider hiring:

  • An enclosed marquee – If you’re inviting a large number of guests and want to play it completely safe, an enclosed marquee is one way to ensure a stress-free celebration. But if you’re aiming for a late afternoon or evening affair, a clear marquee will really bring something special to your wedding! It allows you to bring the outdoors indoors while still providing plenty of shelter – and it’ll look incredible after dark with tree lighting.
  • Stretch tents – These are the perfect option if your guest numbers are a little smaller or if you’re not wanting an enclosed marquee, and can be adapted with plenty of options to suit gatherings of all sizes.
  • Garden umbrellas – A summer wedding is all about the outdoors, so complement your marquee or function space with several large garden umbrellas dotted around. These provide guests with a natural mingling point, while providing much-needed shelter for afternoon canape time.

10m_x_15m_Stretch_Tent_Sand_3 E.jpg           DSC_9833-1024x678 E.jpg

            Create a unique celebration with a Bedouin-inspired stretch tent.                 A clear marquee provides shelter without compromising your location.     

Tip #2 – A place to chill out

While summer is a fantastic time of year to hold a wedding, it can also pose a few challenges – particularly if you’re not quite prepared for what could be a 38+ degree day! So to make you and your guests as comfortable as possible, it’s critical that you have plenty of seating – not just for meals, but for those moments in between to allow guests a chance to sit down, relax and get respite from the sticky conditions.

Reece’s Event Hire has plenty of seating options to choose from - here's a few of our favourites:


4ed3378c6ce4cceb47fc26e3de2b0ab2.jpg 1e67da0943d2af74fa72a1dde0e354c6 E.jpg               a3ced1fb8102b1c66d36445eed5c8424 E.jpg

                        Florence Modular Wicker Setting (Sand)                         IBC Pallet Cocktail Table                      Dark Oak Bentwood with Paris Base (package)

Tip #3 – Treats to indulge in

Have fun with your menu! Give your guests a day they’ll really remember and get creative with your food and beverage choices. Here’s a few ideas to raise with your caterer that could really bring something different to your big day:

  • A signature cocktail - Why not come up with a cocktail that describes you and your betrothed? It doesn’t have to include a crazy amount of ingredients or be curated by a mixologist (yes, that’s a job!) - but think about the places you’ve visited together or activities you like doing and take inspiration from those.
  • Oyster Bar - Forget the standard spring rolls and look at a seafood bar for your guests. Not everyone likes oysters, but everyone loves a bit of theatre – and a professional oyster shucker can provide just that. Mix it up with prawn cocktails, salt and pepper calamari sticks and fish bites – seafood can be a real crowd pleaser! Our rustic bar could be the perfect shucking station:

819c9d130c55f53cdc6263093b3d9944 E.jpg
Rustic bar with shelf.

  • Burger truck – If you’re aiming for a more casual affair, why not look at a burger truck? These can look fantastic when themed with outdoor party games. Or, if you’re still planning a traditional sit-down meal, a burger truck could provide the perfect after-party nosh and keep your guests going for a few more hours.
  • Gelato – The perfect dessert for any summer wedding has to be gelato! Treat it like your signature cocktail and look at creating a new flavour that speaks to you and your bride or groom. Consider hiring a gelato stand to sit prettily next to your burger truck - Bellissimo! 

And don’t forget, make sure your guests have access to plenty of water – there’s nothing worse than a rowdy ‘midnight crowd’ and it’s only 5pm! And you don’t want anyone coming down with heat stroke.

Some of our most popular bar products for hire:

03a1a9a410c6bdad75c1d570279a85a2 E.jpg7eb0b9dbd1b59f7818484a3c82810577 E.jpg1c1dcebab0a0e7da57faa9cc777eae13 E.jpg130e3cbc67acaf224b2212167dde6ed6 E.jpg

From left to right: Hi Ball Dimple; Poly Carb Water Jug; Zweisel Martini; Supremo Champagne Flute.

โ€‹โ€‹Tip #4 – Summer styling

For anyone planning a summer wedding, we’d recommend keeping your styling and colour palette fresh and light and let the (hopefully!) glorious weather take centre stage.

When planning your table décor and furniture look at crisp, white tablecloths and napkins, beautiful glass vases with foliage and seasonal flowers, and light timber chairs. And think about lighting – not just inside, but outside! If it’s a balmy evening, there’s a strong chance your guests will want to mingle outdoors after dinner – so add a touch of romance with stunning strings of festoon lights and outdoor lanterns. 

Reece’s Event Hire loves designing lighting concepts for our happy couples – and festoon lighting really is something special!

10m_x_15m_Verandah_and_Festooning_1 E.jpg  Festoon_at_Bishop_Lamonts_Banner E.jpg

There's something truly beautiful about outdoor lighting. Festoon lighting is the perfect way to add a touch of casual elegance to your summer wedding, โ€‹

We hope these ideas provide a little inspiration for your summer celebration! We really do love working with couples to plan their special day and have the experience to make your wedding an occasion to remember – for all the right reasons.

After more ideas? No sweat! Have a chat with the Reece’s Event Hire team today. We’re always available to help you with a raft of possibilities and products to help create a truly unique wedding. We have over 100 years’ experience in designing some of Perth and Western Australia’s most incredible events and can make your special day perfect. Call us on 9378 4711.

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