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Bedouin Stretch Tents

Unless you are a seasoned event planner, chances are you have yet to consider a Stretch Tent. They have actually been around for quite some time and originate from the Bedouin tribe’s people from the Middle East dating back thousands of years ago.

So, what are they and what are the advantages?


Keep the sound down!

There is nothing worse than when you are at an event and you can’t hear yourself think.  The stretchy material works great for sound absorption. Normal marquees are usually made from PVC which creates more of an echo. So, for larger crowds, a Bedouin Stretch Tent can create a quieter, cozy atmosphere - and what’s more, the smooth flowing curves of the fabric can deliver something that looks quite unique.

Fit in with the scene.

As the name suggests Stretch Tents are highly flexible. They work with the shape of your space, flexing around existing garden features or trees. We recommend you deploy a Stretch Tent when you have complicated constraints as it makes for an easier time setting up your luxury space.

Less time and stress.

The beauty of a Stretch Tent is that, when folded, it takes up less space than a marquee - so it’s easier on storage space and transportation. Planning an event can be stressful enough and there is nothing worse than when you are struggling for time - a Stretch Tent can be set up in less than an hour depending on size.

Stretch Tents are highly flexible, fast to set up and together with ease of transportation makes them a great event option.

So for your next event, consider a Stretch Tent – they are getting popular with more images posted every day and they really deliver a striking statement for your event, outshining other events in comparison.

If you want to find out more about or hire Bedouin Stretch Tents for your event, the team at Reece’s Event Hire is happy to help.

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