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Are your tables set for your next event?

Decorating tables for an event is an art that requires the right amount of style and class accompanied by function and practicality. People don’t want to think too hard about where they’re supposed to be eating and how everything’s laid out when attending a wedding or function. That’s why we’ll let you in on the right ways to lay out and set up your tables for your next event.

Table style

With so many different themes for events nowadays finding the right table style can seem tricky. Whether you are dining inside or outside, creating a formal or informal setting, or utilising all these features, you need to know where to start. The shape of your tables will provide some structure to your setting. Long table banquets add warmth and structure to vast rooms, where on the other hand, roundtables provide intimacy and affinity. Different coloured tablecloths help set the mood for your event. White tablecloths are great for dining outside as the colour adds vibrancy and liveliness to the event, whereas black adds an air of elegance and style, perfect for any formal setting.

Think about your tables shape, length and colour and build your style from there.


What’s on the table?

It’s the little things that make life special, this is also true for the little details that make every event special. You might not think that your guests notice the cutlery, crockery and even glassware you place on the table, but they certainly do. Subtle features such as professional grade cutlery, stunning china bowls and polished martini glasses help bring style and professionalism to any event. Try and use contrasting tableware such as black napkins on a white tablecloth to help make the table setting pop and don’t be afraid to use shapes to create a story that your guests will want to be a part of. You can even play with symmetry by using plates that match the shape of your tables and intertwine natural fibres like wood with metal and glass from your table ornaments.

When setting up a formal dining table, uniformity helps create a flow that’s aesthetic to the eye. Having similar items at similar heights can play an important role in your table setting if you wish to portray a professional image. If your aim is for a more relaxed environment, it can help to break the table set up with different heights of crockery and centrepieces, this can help add depth and personality to your table and your guests will love it.


Even the negative space on your table can work to your advantage. Think of blank areas on the table as space that people can call their own. Allowing space for their belongings and food can make it easier for them to eat, helps softens the tables style and reduces clutter. We all know that no one likes a cluttered table.

Forgetting something?

We’re here to ensure that your table settings pop and that your events shine, but we also like to help you remember the little things. Did you forget anything? We sure haven't! Reece's understands that catering for an event can require equipment you may not have previously considered. With our experience in events management, we’ve got you covered in all aspects of coordinating your event, including those easily forgettable items such as serving spoons, bread knives and tongs.

We also provide electrical and gas equipment, suitable for indoor and outdoor events to heat and cool your guests at their tables and throughout the venue. Corporate events can select from our tea and coffee urns, whilst private functions can cater for large guest numbers with bain maries. Reece’s can advise you on the right equipment and assist you in designing your perfect table setting for your perfect event.

If you would like to find out more about how we set our tables up, the friendly team at  Reece’s Event Hire is happy to assist.



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