Organising an event can be incredibly time-consuming, particularly when it’s held at your own home or workplace. And with tight deadlines to work to and the need to impress your guests adding to the pressure, it can be easy to overlook any environmental implications your event may have.

But with the health of our planet a serious concern, ignoring our environmental responsibility is something we can no longer do. And that’s where Reece’s Event Hire comes in – as one of the many benefits of hiring a professional events management company is the reduced impact your event can have on the planet. Let’s explore why.

 Hiring is the new recycling

Instead of spending money on items that have a short shelf life or are likely to be thrown out after a single use, hiring provides an easy and convenient way to give your guests the creature comforts they expect – without contributing to needless waste. Here are just a few of the core essentials Reece’s Event Hire can provide that are 100% reusable.


Forget flimsy paper plates that are near impossible to balance on your knees, challenging to cut on and destined for the rubbish bin after just one use. Reece’s huge range of plate options for hire will give your event the sparkle it deserves and can be reused time and time again.


Our team have carefully selected the best in crockery, with brands to choose from including Royal Doulton and Renaissance – as shown above.


Foam cups that rip, plastic tumblers that split or wine ‘glasses’ with loose stems will not only turn off your guests but add to the planet’s plastic pollution. According to the WWF [] 500 billion disposable cups are used every year, with most ending up in landfill. It’s a scary statistic – but there is an alternative! By choosing to hire your glassware, you’ll be reducing your event’s impact on the environment.

​ ​flute.jpgtall glass.jpg

Impress your guests with quality glassware from Reece’s Event Hire.


We understand that plastic knives, forks and spoons are not only cheap to buy, they’re easy to dispose of – simply pop them in the bin after they’ve been used and walk away. But plastic cutlery is a serious issue for our planet and can’t be easily recycled due to their awkward size and shape. And just like their evil cousin the plastic cup, they take centuries to break down. It really does make sense to hire your cutlery for your next event!

fork.jpgknife.jpg spoon.jpgfork2.jpg


Reece’s enormous selection of professional-grade utensils has something to suit all function types and budgets. Featured: Cutlery options in our Diane collection.


While it may seem eco-friendly to go for paper serviettes and tablecloths, in reality these items are unable to be recycled once they’ve been soiled with food. Reece’s Event Hire’s wide selection of table linen will lessen the impact your event has on the environment, with each item professionally washed and pressed after your event – allowing them to be reused.

white cloth.jpg   black cloth.jpg


​​Reece’s Event Hire has a great variety of tablecloths to suit all table sizes and shapes.


More ideas our planet will thank you for!

There many other ways your celebration can be as environmentally friendly as possible, while remaining stylish and fun. Here are a few other tips that will help lessen your event’s impact on our planet.

Say no to plastic straws

It’s universally known that straws are one of the worst offenders when it comes to adding to our plastic pollution. So why not run a straw-free event? You can always have a few metal options on standby – these are easy to find these days but if you’re not sure where to buy them, the Reece’s Event Hire team can point you in the right direction.

Ban the balloon

Balloons may seem like an essential decoration, but what happens when your function ends? They either end up in landfill or worse, in our natural environment where they are harmful to wildlife. Choose more eco-friendly decorations such as freshly picked flowers, bubbles or natural confetti.

It’s all in the timing

If possible, hold your celebrations during the day when natural light is at its peak and there’s less reliance on artificial lighting. If you do need to run a night event or if your function extends into the evening, add a touch of class with candles or choose long-lasting LED lights.

Waste not, want not

If you’re thinking you may over-cater, why not give your guests the option of taking leftovers home? Not only will this reduce unnecessary food waste, your guests will thank you for the extra goodies to enjoy the next day. If you’re not sure how this works with food safety, seek the advice of your catering company or talk to your Reece’s Event Hire consultant.  

Group transport

If the location of your event isn’t close to public transport and has guests reliant on cars, consider hiring a bus that can collect them from a key central location. Not only is this a great ice breaker (and can lead to some seriously fun group singalongs on the return journey!) – our planet’s atmosphere will thank you for the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.


If you need any further ideas on how to run an eco-friendly event, then look no further than the Reece’s Event Hire team! We love nothing more than inspiring our clients with ways of lessening their function’s carbon footprint – without compromising on quality. So, if you want to ensure the only impression your event leaves on the planet is a positive experience for your guests – contact Reece’s Event Hire today!

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